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virtual NORTH is hosting two one-day seminars with Dwight Atkinson in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta.

Calgary - August 4
Edmonton - August 15

Cost $395CDN; $250CDN for additional people from the same org.

More info and a course outline is attached

please direct inquiries to

(sorry, think I posted this in the wrong place originally)
Seminar Description
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I'm expecting to be sending the book out to the pre-order people the day before I leave for Calgary, provided the printer can perform.

Sorry for the delay. Sorry, Sorry, Sorry. At least, for you pre-order people, I'm covering the shipping. Big discount!!!

I actually got so much public art work this year, my head explodes with the though of what needs to be done.

For instance: Just try and find Tapcon Stainless steel concrete screws in Canada. Krikey. Ordered then from Ohio. Not paying bloody $1.50 each for Hilti!

Had to (word that would be censored) up to a senator in Colorado last week to get a sculpture down there. Airplanes. Rental cars. Motel 6. The glamour.

Puts me right out of the mood to write.

Sorry. Sorry Sorry.

Thomas: Beer on me at ACUE. Coming?

That seems like an awful lot to cover in one day. Do you think someone who really hasn't even looked at AC9 yet will actually be able to pick up enough to make it worth the trip up there?