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Once that is achieved it is only a short? step to having section lines automatically extending from one edge of a zone to another. Now that would be a time saver.
Rakela Raul wrote:i even wish being able to type the area i need and the zone tag stretch by it self to a direction selected by me also

I agree.

I would like to SEE DYNAMICALLY the area of zone (or fill or slab) as i change a point or stretch a side. I would also like when activating the stretch side tool to have an option to type a desired area.

When i want to achieve a certain area, i have to move a side back and forth until i have the desired area in .xxx digits.
Jay Rennemeyer wrote:I would like to have the zone tags be able to list the room length and width. Most clients have no clue when you tell them a room is 500 square feet, but they have a better idea when you tell them a room is 20' x 25'. Even in a room with jogs in it, it still gives the client a better idea of the room size.

Jay and others,
Take a look at the following thread: ... ght=#43031
Its not fully automated by reading the points of the zone but still fairly effective. It gives you good graphicaly flexibility and a way to display what "you" define as the appropriate zone boundaries to display as overall dimensions.

Dan K
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By Sergio
Dan Kunschik wrote:Take a look at the following thread: ... ght=#43031
Its not fully automated by reading the points of the zone but still fairly effective.

Haven't tried to implement your version, but I've just uploaded a block that we've been using at ... 6305#46305
Need to check your out also (when I get some time, and before AC implements a similar block into their zone stamp) and see which one is more practical for our office.
Several of you have wished that you could at least have an extra parameter to list the length and width. I've attached the zone stamp we have been using over the last year, which has two extra parameters. It's not automated like the thread Dan pointed to, but it works.

Also, I got rid of the Text Font, Text Size, and Text Color for every single parameter, and made them all the same -- specified in one place. The room name has it's own font/size/color combination.

You can easily find my modifications and incorporate them into your own by searching in the 2D script for "by Jay". You will find either "Added by Jay..." or "Changed by Jay..."
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any chance to make the zone tag name (Office 2) for example, 'static'...
so when you shringe the finishes from other zone tag to it, does not change the zone tag name also?
I just saw that this thread was eleven years old. But there's still no standard zone stamp with length and width? I voted 'essential', since it would be essential to my actually using the zone tool.